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Valves, Hydrants and Vacuum Breakers

Add a Line (Valve Tee) by Sioux Chief
Air Gap for RPZ by Wilkins
Backwater Device Expansion Type by Sioux Chief
Backwater Device for Floor Drain (brass)
Backwater Device for Floor Drain (plastic)
Backwater Valve Cast Iron (Flapper Type)
Backwater Valve DWV (Flapper Type)
Ball Valve Brass
Ball Valve PVC
Boiler Drains
Boiler Drains (1/4 Turn)
Bury Freezeless Hydrant
Bury Freezeless Hydrant Repair
Check Valve
Compression Ball Valve
Compression Tee Valve (Add A Line by Sioux Chief)
Curb Cocks
Double Check Backflow Preventer Wilkins
Entance Valves
Expansion Tanks by Cash Acme
Flare X Female Angle Stop and Waste
Float Valves
Foot Valves
Freezeless Hydrant by Prier
Freezeless Hydrant by Woodford
Freezeless Hydrant Commercial by Prier
Freezeless Hydrant Hot and Cold by Prier
Freezeless Hydrant Repair Prier
Freezeless Hydrant Repair Woodford
Gas Box With Valve
Gas Cocks Ball Type
Gas Cocks Brass Body
Gas Cocks Iron Body
Gate Valve
Hose Bibb
Hose Bibb Anchor by Pasco
Ice Maker Box Copper
Ice Maker Box Pex
Laundry Box Copper
Laundry Box Pex
Log Lighter Valves
Meter Nipple and Gaskets
Meter Setter Belton AY Mcdonald
Meter Setter Blue Springs AY Mcdonald
Meter Setter Kansas City AY Mcdonald
Meter Setter Olathe AY Mcdonald
Meter Valves
Needle Valve
P & T (Pressure and Temperature) Commercial
P & T (Pressure and Temperature) Residential
Pex Valve Brass
Pex Valve Plastic
PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) by Cash Acme
PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) by Watts
RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Backflow Preventer Wilkins
RPZ Backflow Preventer Repair Kit Conbraco
RPZ Backflow Preventer Repair Kit Febco
RPZ Backflow Preventer Repair Kit Watts
RPZ Backflow Preventer Repair Kit Wilkins
Saddle Valves
Schraeder Air Valve
Sloan Fush Valves
Stop and Waste Valves
Stop Valves
Supply Stops Chrome Compression
Supply Stops Chrome Pex
Thermostatic Mixing Valves
Underground Stop and Waste
Vacuum Breaker Hose End
Vacuum Breaker Repair (Anti Siphon Freezeless)
Wye Strainers


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